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PUSH is a medium-sized compact device meant for internal and external stimulation. It’s an easy-to-use, comfortable companion for your sexual wellbeing. It comes with a ribbed silicone body, a pointed tip for focussed stimulation and an adjustable intensity button with a 10-frequency limit.

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  • Made with high-grade body-safe Silicone
  • Water-Proof 
  • 1-hour runtime


Approx. 38mm x38mm x128mm/110G

Directions for Use

- Charge before each use, a flashing indicator light suggests it’s in charging mode. The light will stay on when it’s fully charged.
- Long press the power button until the light comes on to turn on the device.
- Short press the FM button to choose or change the frequency.
- Long press the power button until the light goes out to shut off the device.
- USB interface to 2.5mm mono plug for charging.


Wash with warm water and a fragrance-free soap before and after each use.
*Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners.

Consciously designed to take your bedroom experience to the next level while keeping you comfortable at all times. You can even sneak it into the shower as it’s 100% water-proof! Feel free to go anywhere with it.

The massager helps improve libido and regulates blood flow while hitting all the right pleasure points. 

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    • Made with high grade body safe Silicone
    • Water Friendly
    • 10x Frequency Mode
    • 1-hour runtime
    • 2-hours charging time 
    • USB-supported charging 
    • Can be used with water or oil-based lubricant
    • For External Use

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

"PUSH is a delight. Compact, versatile, and comfortable. The ribbed body and focused tip are amazing. Adjust intensity effortlessly. Waterproof for added fun. Improved libido and blood flow? Impressive


The PUSH device is a revelation! Its ribbed silicone body and adjustable intensity button create unparalleled pleasure. The waterproof design adds excitement, and its impact on libido and blood flow is remarkable. A true game-changer


PUSH is a compact wonder! Customizable, ribbed design for intense pleasure. Shower-friendly, boosts libido, perfect for exploration. Elevate your experience with PUSH!